Are Root Canals Safe?

Jun 28, 2023 | Blog

When it comes to dental procedures, concerns about safety are understandable. Root canals, in particular, have been subject to scrutiny. However, it’s important to rely on scientific evidence to make informed decisions. In our Elite Dental Studio blog, we will explore the safety of them, backed by research studies that provide valuable insights into the procedure’s effectiveness and long-term outcomes. Let’s delve into the evidence and put any fears to rest.

Root Canal

Study: “A Systematic Review of Root Canal Complications” (International Endodontic Journal, 2020):

This comprehensive review analyzed multiple studies to evaluate the frequency of complications associated with RCT. The findings showed that the overall incidence of adverse events was relatively low, with the most common being post-operative pain and minor complications, which were typically manageable and temporary.


Study: “Long-term Outcomes of RCT: A Systematic Review” (Journal of Endodontics, 2016):

This systematic review examined the long-term success rates of RCT. The study concluded that root canal therapy has a high success rate, with a majority of treated teeth maintaining functionality and remaining free from infection or reinfection for up to 10 years or longer. The research emphasized the importance of proper case selection, adequate cleaning, shaping, and sealing of the canals for optimal outcomes.


Study: “Risk of Cardiovascular Disease after RCT: A Nationwide Population-Based Cohort Study” (Journal of Endodontics, 2020):

Addressing concerns about potential systemic health implications, this population-based cohort study investigated the association between RCT and cardiovascular disease (CVD). The study analyzed a large dataset and found no significant increase in the risk of CVD among patients who underwent root canal treatment compared to those who did not. The research emphasized that maintaining dental health is important for overall well-being.

Study: “Patient Safety in Endodontics: A Systematic Review” (Journal of Endodontics, 2018):

This systematic review examined the safety aspects of endodontic procedures, including RCT. The study concluded that endodontic treatments, including root canals, are safe, with low rates of major complications. The review highlighted the importance of adherence to infection control protocols, proper diagnosis, and treatment planning to ensure patient safety.


Study: “Outcome of Primary Root Canal Treatment: A Systematic Review of the Literature, Part 1. Effects of Study Characteristics on Probability of Success” (International Endodontic Journal, 2007):

This systematic review assessed the factors influencing the success of primary root canal treatment. The study concluded that variables significantly influenced the success rates of root canal therapy, such as the quality of the root canal filling, presence of preoperative periapical radiolucency, and proper coronal restoration. The research emphasized the importance of meticulous techniques and restoration to enhance treatment outcomes.


Scientific studies consistently support the safety and effectiveness of root canal procedures. The evidence shows that complications associated with root canals are rare, and the success rates are high when the treatment is performed by skilled professionals such as Dr. Perry and proper protocols are followed. Research has found no significant links between root canals and systemic health issues, such as cardiovascular disease. Understanding the evidence is essential in making informed decisions about your dental health. If you have concerns about root canals, you can call or email Dr. Perry about your treatment.