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Why Do An Oral Bacteria DNA Test?

We offer testing for the profile of oral bacteria that cause periodontal disease. These bacteria, especially at high levels, and in combination with an individual’s genetic inflammatory response, result in bad breath, painful, bleeding gums, loss of bone and eventually tooth loss. The consequences of these same bacteria, present for years and decades, add significantly to the risk of a wide range of life- threatening diseases beyond the mouth.

What Other Tests Do You Offer?

Alert 2 provides early warning of oral pathogens and establishes inherited genetic risk. Providers are then able to personalize therapy and treatment, as well as identify potential related systemic health risks.

MyPerioID® IL-6 (Interleukin-6) test identifies individual genetic susceptibility to periodontal disease. With this information, clinicians are able to establish which patients are at increased risk for more severe periodontal infections due to an exaggerated immune response, allowing personalized therapy and treatment.

OraRisk® HPV enables the clinician to establish increased risk for oral cancer and determine appropriate referral and monitoring conditions. OraRisk® HPV identifies a total of 51 types of oral HPV.

OraRisk® Candida identifies all common species of the yeast, Candida; which is known to cause oral thrush in patients with a normal or compromised immune system.

OraRisk® HSV will identify HSV1 or HSV2 by detecting “shed virus” specific to active infections or outbreaks.

OraRisk® CT/NG provides highly sensitive detection of either or both Chlamydia trachomatis or Neisseria gonorrhea and the report will include interpretative comments with specific recommendations for treatment.

How Do You Get The Sample For Testing?

This is the easy part. During your next dental appointment, Dr. Perry or your hygienist will have you spit in a little collection vial and then we send it off to the lab. 

Will My Insurance Pay For This?

Some dental or medical insurances pay for these tests. At your next appointment, our patient concierge will be happy to take your medical insurance information to confirm coverage. We will do our best to work with your insurance to see if there will be any out-of-pocket costs. If you do not have insurance, the cost per test ranges from $55 to $160.

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