Elite Dental Studio, a luxurious and relaxing experience.

Feb 4, 2021 | Blog

Elite Dental Studio: Transforming Dental Care in Westborough

A New Approach to Dental Care

At Elite Dental Studio, we change the way dental care is done in Westborough. Our clinic mixes the comforts of a spa with the latest technology. Located in a beautiful brick building downtown, we offer more than just dental services—it’s a place where you can relax and get great dental care.

Your First Step into Elite Dental Studio

When you walk in, you’ll notice it feels like a cozy lounge, not a typical dental office. With soft lights and calming music, we create a peaceful space. Enjoy a free drink from our coffee machine, which makes 14 different drinks, including tea. If you’d rather have something cold, try our water machine with many flavors and options for still or sparkling water.

Relaxing in Our Spa-Like Treatment Rooms

As your appointment nears, we’ll take you to your own treatment room. It feels like a luxury spa. We have weighted blankets, soft pillows, and aromatherapy to help you relax. Enjoy our spa features like under-eye treatments and hand lotion. For full relaxation, use our eye massagers and headphones with relaxing music or meditation.

Cutting-Edge Dental Care

We’re proud of our modern dental tech at Elite Dental Studio. We offer everything from regular cleanings to complex treatments with the newest tools. Digital x-rays and cameras in your mouth help us find issues and plan treatments. Our laser dentistry means accurate, gentle care with less pain.

Quick and Custom Crowns with CEREC

Our CEREC machine changes the way we make dental crowns. Forget about messy molds, temporary crowns, and long waits. With CEREC, get a permanent, perfectly fitting crown in just two hours. While you wait, enjoy a free facial from our licensed esthetician—a special touch only at Elite Dental Studio.

More Than Just Dentistry

We know going to the dentist can be stressful. That’s why we’ve made our studio a place that’s not just about dental work, but about feeling good. Every part of our studio, from the lounge to the treatment rooms, is made to keep you comfortable and happy.

Join Us at Elite Dental Studio

Come see the new way of doing dental care at Elite Dental Studio. Whether you need regular care or something more complex, our mix of luxury and technology makes your visit special. Dr. Perry and her team are ready to welcome you and show you the best in modern dentistry.